Releasing Positive Energies for Change & Growth

Dream Awareness network

John W. Robinson, Founder and Director

Areas of training and facilitating:

Understanding the mechanics of reality creation according to the Seth material and other great teachers.

Understanding the meaning of dreams and the power of dreams for growth, change, problem solving.

Applying a new approach to strategic Personal Life Planning, for the achievement of any goal.

Assistance in Developing Business Strategic Plans.

Understanding Worldviews - Where do they come from? How do they control us? How do we change them?

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A Systems Theory approach is used for Strategic Life Planning Classes.

Life is a transformation process. We make choices about the Inputs for our life decisions. We need to examine the Results that emerge in our reality and decide if the results match our stated Expectations. If not, we must change the Inputs, (usually our beliefs and thought patterns) and evaluate the new transformations that take place. In business settings, we also look at Leadership Styles, Technology, Structure and Communication Networks.

For Business Strategic Planning,a systems theory approach is combined with an environmental conditions model. Over 35 years of organizational management experience in both profit and non profit organizations has given me the necessary tools. In 2003 while serving on the B.O.D. of The Aluminum Association of Florida, I facilitated a long term detail experiential training in Strategic Analysis and Planning for the other members of the Board, all business owners. In business settings, we also look at Leadership Styles, Technology, Structure and Communication Networks, in addition to the Personal Subsystem.

Program Entertainment:
If you are the Chairman of a Program Committee, we can offer presentations in several areas for learning skills, motivation, or just fun entertainment.

Presentations are tailored to your profit or non profit groups specific needs and interest.