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Metaphysics the Economy & Politics

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 5:58 PM Comments comments (11)
Metaphysics the Economy & Politics
By John W. Robinson – Dream Work Facilitator &
Instructor at Enchanted Spirits, in Dunedin FL
It seems that the only thing we can be certain of is CHANGE. How we accept the changes and take action or not, continuously determines our future. We must take responsibility for the conditions and events that follow our decisions. Blaming someone else, some other company or some other country maybe helps us to feel good for a while, but blame doesn’t get the job done; only right action does.
The market conditions and the driving forces in the markets that we all participate in have experienced both rapid and sometimes very slow changes, depending on where we are in the cycle.  You see, in our economic system there will always be cycles. It’s inherent in the ideology. But, unchecked growth cannot endure forever. Even the unchecked growth of cancer does not go forever. Eventually it will destroy its source of nourishment unless it becomes a balanced part of its source, sharing the nourishment with surrounding cells, eliminating greed and becoming a part of the whole once again.
The sudden collapse of our seemingly fantastic market and economic system that began in late 2006 was the result of greed on the part of a few, to the detriment of the many. The unchecked growth was artificially induced by the cancerous greed. The collapse was inevitable. The system had to be brought back to balance. The correction process is slow and the fallout has been tremendous.
The change we have to experience seems at times, almost overwhelming. What we need most is a new way of evaluating and judging the events that affect us. I have extracted some quotes from my recent reading to share with you below.
.....“It makes little difference whether you watch the news or not – but it makes all the difference in the world what you Think of world events.”
The perspective from which you watch world events is vital, and it is true that communication now brings to the conscious mind a far greater barrage than ever before. But it is also a barrage that makes man see his own activities, and even with the growth of the new nationalism in the Third World, those nations begin from a new perspective, in which the eyes of the world are indeed upon them.
Your country faces the results of its own policies – its greed as well as its good intent, but it is out in the open in a new way. The world will be seen as one, but there may be changes in the overall tax assessments along the way, as those who have not paid much, pay more.
The results of fanaticism are also out in the open. Never before, in your terms, has the private person been able to see a picture of the mass world in such a way, or been forced to identify with the policies of his or her government. That in itself is a creative achievement, and means that mankind is not closing theireyes to the inequities of his or her world.”…..
*From Dreams, “Evolution”, and Value Fulfillment Volume One:, p.173–a Seth book, by Jane Roberts.
 This below is taken from:
 The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events: – a Seth book, by Jane Roberts.
…..“You may become outraged, scandalized – or worse, filled with self-righteousness, so that you begin to attack all those with whom you do not agree, because you do not know how else to respond to your own ideals, or to your own good intent.
“The job of trying to make the world better seems impossible, for it appears that you have no power, and any small private beneficial actions that you can take seem so puny in contrast to this generalized ideal that you dismiss them sardonically, and so you do not try to use your power constructively. You do not begin with your own life, with your own job, or with your own associates. What difference can it make to the world if you are a better salesperson, or plumber, or office worker, or car salesman, for Christ’s sake? What can one person do?
“Yet that is precisely where first of all you must begin to exert yourselves. There on your jobs and in your associations, are the places where you intersect with the world. Your impulses directly affect the world in those relationships.
“Many of you are convinced that you are not important – and while you feel that way it will seem that your actions have no effect upon the world. You will purposefully keep your ideals generalized, thus saving yourself from the necessity of acting upon them in the one way open to you: by trusting yourself and your impulses, and impressing those that you meet in daily life with the full validity that is your own.”
Those natural impulses, followed, will automatically lead to political and social organizations that become both tools for individual development and implements for the fulfillment of the society.”.....
So again I repeat – “It makes little difference whether you watch the news or not – but it makes all the difference in the world what you think of world events.”
Collectively, we will become what we think about most. We will create our personal and our collective reality from our thoughts, feelings, emotions and BELIEFS. If we believe and act from FEAR, we will create the situation we feared and then wonder why this is happening to us.
So, what does this have to do with dreams?
In the tradition of all the shamanistic and native cultures and following the teachings of the Seth Philosophy from more than 50 years ago, plus the current teachings of Robert Moss, a world renowned “Dream Time” teacher and author, what we experience and call physical reality, is first rehearsed in the Dream Time. Our Dream Time is the bridge between the Unknown Reality and what we experience as physical reality. The Unknown Reality is the source of the ideas that are communicated through Dreams and Intuitions. If we follow our natural impulses and intuitions, we can overcome the false beliefs we have accepted along the way and take a more life fulfilling path. So pay attention to your dreams as they do reveal your beliefs to you just as your experience in physical reality is a mirror of your beliefs, thoughts and emotions.
“The real change in consciousness will be the one that changes the physical conditions of the world and makes it an entirely new creation” --
A quote by Mother- 1930 from:
The Mind of the Cells: Willed Mutation of Our Species: page 112, by Satprem.
Next Time: Adventures in Consciousness: Exploring the Unknown Reality.
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