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When a Voice in a Dream Gives You “The Answer”

{Subtitle: The Codicils: A Vision for 21st Century America & the World.}

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Some definitions of the word "idea" are as follows: [1] a thought, plan, or suggestion about what to do, [2] an opinion or belief, [3] something that you imagine or picture in your mind [4] any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, mental awareness, or mental activity.

With this lead in, I want to present an idea for any explorers that are new to the world of understanding their dreams. This is the idea that you can incubate a dream by suggesting and affirming to your inner self and your conscious self that you wish to experience a dream about a certain topic or more specifically to receive an answer to a question, or to receive practical guidance in the solving of a real life problem.

This is a practice in the art of dreamwork that I have been using for over 50 years with many successes. Jane Roberts, author of the Seth material, refers to it and other practices as becoming A Dream Art Scientist. At times, the practice will take persistence to develop. But if you are disciplined in the practice it will eventually become your expectation that you will receive the information from a dream that you seek. I believe this practice illustrates the admonition to:

• Seek and you will find.

• Ask and you will receive.

• Knock and the door will be opened.

The practice is that of dream incubation, or to develop or produce a dream about that which you are incubating. One of my most recent experiences at dream incubation deals with a concern many people have with the present state of perceived chaos, confusion over a vision for the future, and a lack of a continued movement toward equality & justice for all. These are all indicators that the experiment in democracy that our American culture has been involved in for so long, appears to be evolving. But, it is not just an American experience, it is a global experience.

It is with a history of proving this method in my dreamwork and a belief in its power that one night a few weeks ago, before falling asleep, I suggested to my conscious mind, subconscious mind and inner self that I desired and expected more insight and a solution to the societal anguish and confusion that millions are experiencing at this historical time. How do we as a society move forward?

With that background, I awake from a dream that night with this action taking place. My dreaming self like my waking self is asking the question to another personality in my dream. I am aware of another personality being in the dream event even though upon awaking I could not identify that personality. What impacted me was a voice that stated very clearly – “Reread the ending of Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time and you will discover your answer”. Awakening from this dream and the certainty of the voice in the dream, I felt that I had received the answer to my suggestion, or incubation of the ideas stated above.

Immediately upon getting out of bed, I went to the family room which now serves also as a writer’s office for me. I found the book among the many books authored by Jane Roberts,  or books by others sharing their experience with the material. At last count I think it totaled about 35 volumes.

I opened the book to the section suggested by the dream voice and began reading. It did not take long before I discovered the answer to my specific request for the dream incubation.

There it was in plain sight in black & white very clearly laid out. The word is Codicils.

I knew then I had read about the Codicils, previously in the books “Psychic Politics” and “…The Museum of Time”, and at the time had an idea, that I wanted to write a blog about the Codicils because I believed them to be a touchstone in the evolution of civilization and its move toward justice and equality for all while developing humanity’s nature to it full extant.

(Moment Point Press - 2000 edition – Copyright © by Robert F. Butts

© 1976 Jane Roberts (Prentice Hall)

I will now share with you my rediscovery of the Codicils as recorded by Jane Roberts in The Oversoul Seven Trilogy and Psychic Politics. The source I begin with is the literary fiction work The Oversoul Seven Trilogy. The Trilogy was transmitted and written by Jane thru altered states of consciousness. The quotes I will use come from the 1995 Amber-Allen Publishing edition of the Trilogy, published by Robert Butts (Jane’s spouse) over 10 years after Jane’s physical death.

The following quotes are from sections of the referenced work beginning on page 538 and ending on 545 (last page in the trilogy). Open your mind to a new awareness and understanding. To set the stage, passages from the book’s last chapter follow.

“George was always embarrassed for Window when he spoke for Christ or Monarch; he couldn’t look him in the face. Grinning, he said, “the George?” “Well, I’m George anyhow.”

“I’m deeply honored,” “Monarch said.”

“He is the George, “Leona whispered mentally, and he isn’t, I can tell. Something’s …distorted.”

“And then obviously you aren’t trying to steal the Codicils,” Monarch replied to George, with relief.

“Seven interrupted.” “We’re trying to make sure that the Codicils do appear in your time. You must be dream travelers.”

…”George shook his own head. He knew that whatever Window would say was true. But how did he know”?

“Window began: “I use to speak for a personality called Monarch—as you know. Well, suddenly that consciousness and mine merged. I knew Monarch’s life and he knew mine. But his was a world that makes ours really look sick. I’ve never been so happy in my life as when I glimpsed pictures of that world through his mental images. And his world was based on completely different ideas than ours is….”

“While Oversoul Seven was so concerned with finding the Codicils, the words “the Codicils” kept sounding through Josephine’s mind. She sensed some odd familiarity as if she herself had run across that particular phrase in some significant way before. That is, she thought the words meant “appendages to a will.” Yet suppose in this connotation, they meant “appendages to the will” – to man’s will?” {My note added: In this use “man’s will” refers to mankind, or humanity’s personal will in the generic sense.}

“With no particular destination in mind, she walked up the stairs to her small study and found herself examining the piles of books stacked so neatly on the bookshelves. “The Codicils”, she muttered angrily, anxiously. As if by themselves, her hands began rummaging through the books, fingering the pages. Yet she had the odd feeling that her fingers knew what they were doing, that she had in mind some particular goal beyond her conscious knowing.”

“…She suddenly yelled out in triumph and exaltation as she found the phrase, the particular phrase that was so vital. It was in an old book, Psychic Politics, by Jane Roberts, written many years before. There it was – the blueprint for mankind’s future, the blueprint that she was now completely sure was also written in the tissues and cells of the species itself. She read quickly, triumphantly:”


(Alternate hypotheses as a base for private and public experience)

1. “All of creation is sacred and alive, each part connected to each other part, and each communicating in a creative cooperative commerce in which the smallest and the largest are equally involved.”

2. “The physical senses present one unique version of reality, in which being is perceived in a particular dimensionalized sequence, built up through neurological patterning, and is the result of one kind of neurological focus. There are alternate neurological routes, biologically acceptable, and other sequences so far not chosen.”

3. “Our individual self government and our political organizations are by-products of sequential perception, and our exterior methods of communication set up patterns that correlate with, and duplicate, our synaptic behavior. We lock ourselves into certain structures of reality in this way.”

4. “Our sequential prejudiced perception is inherently far more flexible than we recognize, however. There are half steps – other unperceived impulses – that leap the nerve ends, too fast and too slow for our usual focus. Recognition of these can be learned and encouraged, bringing in perceptive data that will trigger changes in usual sense response, filling out potential sense spectra with which we are normally not familiar.”

5. “This greater possible sense spectrum includes increased perception of inner bodily reality in terms of cellular identity and behavior; automatic conscious control of bodily processes; and increased perception of exterior conditions as the usual senses become more vigorous. (Our sight, for example, is not nearly as efficient as it could be. Nuances of color, texture, and depth could be expanded and our entire visual area attains a brilliance presently considered exceptional or supernormal.)”

“Josephine’s glance slid down the page. The Codicils were followed by comments by the author. There was a paragraph called Comments on the Codicils. It seemed to apply to Codicil #1 and to the five Codicils in general at the same time. She read the pertinent passages quickly and impatiently.”


“Acceptance of these first codicils would expand practical knowledge of the self, break down barriers that are the result of our prejudiced perception, and restructure personal, social, and political life.”

“Concepts of the self and practical experience of the self must be broadened if the species is to develop its true potentials. Only an evolution of consciousness can alter the world view that appears to be our official line of consciousness.”

I, John, will digress from quoting from the book and say to the reader of this blog that there are two more pages of Comments on the Codicils that are a must for reading and understanding if you hold the view I do that our culture and the world needs to change its current direction, or the survival of mankind as we know it may be in jeopardy. I encourage you from my heart, to seek, find, read, and become aware of these Codicils. The realization of your human potential may be at stake. Now I am returning to quoting from the book to bring this blog to an ending.

“…George the First cried out: “Zounds, what luck!”

“You’ll never know,” Seven whispered to George mentally. “Goodbye, dear friend, at least for now.” He grinned and added, “It’s been a –uh—super relationship. You succeeded in your pursuits far better than you know.”

And Seven knew that it was all right, that everything was all right, always had been all right, that it had only been their anxieties and doubts that ever made it all seem wrong. They were all couched and safe, forever secure, forever jubilant at the heart of their own beings. There was never anything to be afraid of, if only they trusted the great sweet security that forever held the vitality of their beings, for they were all truly splendid, a part of a loving universe that cradled them forever in a safety and love literally beyond all comprehension.”

In closing this great example of the type of information you may get when you choose to incubate a dream, I encourage you to follow my lead. You may become aware of a new worldview that may be in your future now. A future governed by the CODICILS discussed in the two books referenced. Or, you may just become aware of the power of your dreams for releasing dramatic changes in your life. Either way the process is a win-win situation.

Look for more blogs on this site in the future expanding on these Codicil concepts while being related to my personal dreams and experiences or related to the dreams or experiences of others.

(Note: Incubation image courtesy of C4DL Lab)


The Codicils were first received by Jane Roberts from her mental library and published in her book Psychic Politics-An Aspect Psychology Book, published in 1976. The Codicils I share above were included at the end of the third book of the Oversoul Seven Trilogy, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time, a fiction novel. This is the reference to which my dream voice first led me, pointing me in the direction of the answer to my question. Jane published the first book of the trilogy The Education of Oversoul Seven in 1973. In 1979 The Further Education of Oversoul Seven was published. The last book of the trilogy Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time was published in 1984.

In the book Psychic Politics, chapter 21, Jane shares how she received the Codicils. She describes the source as a type of psychic library.

…Finally one morning as I sat at my table, I saw the library transposed against the living room wall. My double sat there, reading a book. At the same time, the word “codicil” kept coming into my mind again. I heard it mentally, at first faintly and then it sounded louder and louder until I wrote the word down and waited. Then I knew that the material to come represented an alternate model for civilization to follow, and that I was transcribing my book from one depicting such a model—a model that we hadn’t chosen in the past. The codicils would represent a fresh hypothesis upon which to build a new, better civilization.”

As Jane reflected and expanded on what she was receiving, she suddenly realized:

“That the rest of the book would deal with an alternate model for civilization to follow based on the codicils I had just received and others to follow”. … “The rest of the material came very rapidly, and I found myself caught up in a vision of the world far different than the one we know.”

“The codicils, followed, would lead to a government as natural, orderly, and spontaneous as the seasons in which each individual brings personhood to fulfillment to the best of his or her ability, and in so doing automatically plays a potent role in the development of the entire society. Such a civilization would be based upon the following codicils, added to those already given.”

Additional Codicils

1. Each person is a unique version of an inner model that is itself a bank of potentials, variations, and creativity. The psyche is a seed of individuality and selfhood, cast in space-time but ultimately independent of it.

2. We are born in many times and places, but not in a return of identity as we understand it; not as a copy in different clothes, but as a new self ever-rising out of the psyche’s life as the new ruler rises to the podium or throne, in a psychic politics as ancient as humanity.

3. Civilizations both past and present represent projections of inner selfhood, and mirror the state of the mass psyche at any given time. We hold memory and knowledge of past civilizations as we hold unconscious memories of our private early current life experiences.

4. From our present, we exert force upon the past as well as the future, forming our ideas of the past and reacting accordingly. We actually project events into our own new past.

5. Each generation forms a new past, one that exists as surely as the present, not just an imaginary construct but as a practical platform—a newly built past—upon which we build a present.

6. Options and alternate models for selfhood and civilization exist in a psychic pattern of probabilities from which we can choose to actualize an entirely new life system.

And so, just as a dream can have a false awakening; an experience where you think you have awakened from a dream and begin reflecting on it, only to find out you are still dreaming when your consciousness in the dream gives you a clue pointing toward that fact; - I will now have a second ending to this report with a quote from Seth (Jane’s teacher) used as the closing to Jane’s book Psychic Politics.

“I am a poor imitation of the voices of your own psyches to which you do not listen. I will be un-needed, and gladly so, when you realize that the vitality and reinforcement and joy are your own, and rise from the fountain of your own beings; when you realize that you do not need me for protection, for there is nothing you need protect yourself against.”



Life, Death and the Dream State

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Life, Death & the Dream State                          June 2012
© By John W. Robinson
The more I study and continue to be experientially involved in the meaning of dreams, the more I understand that the dream states of consciousness are an integral part of a larger gestalt of consciousness that also contains our focus of consciousness during physical life and the state of consciousness we refer to as death.
Recent events in my life have caused me to focus more intently on Life, Death & the Dream State. The past several months have been a time where my thought energy was being intensely directed toward these topics. Life changing events were coming from many directions. These were life changing events not only for me, but for several family members and friends as well.
My brother made his transition on October 16, 2011 after a short treatment period for stage 4 lung cancers displaying multiple tumors in both lungs and in the bone of one leg near the hip. I spent a lot of time with him beginning with the diagnosis in mid July. The diagnosis was no cure possible; 3-12 months outlook only. During one of the drives to the clinic for radiation treatment to ease the pain, he told me he was prepared to accept the consequences and I thought I was too. We had cried together over the frustration of the experience and even though I thought I was prepared to be stoic when he finally did make his transition, I cried deeply after coming home from the hospital where I had stared at “death in his eyes” the night his soul passed to another dimension. This was 3 months after the diagnosis. It was normal I guess to question “could I have done more”?
During many of our talks throughout his treatment period I shared the meditation and visualization exercises I had practiced after I had a very small malignant cancer removed from my colon during my first routine examination about 8 years ago. My brother just didn’t seem to be that interested in this alternative approach to treatment. He began to accept the doctor’s opinion that nothing could be done to initiate a cure at this point. All the diagnostic reports during the treatment period with radiation gave evidence to the fact that prayer was not helping either. I felt helpless while watching my brother degenerate. It was hard to accept that his soul had made a definite decision to transition to another dimension. My brother had endured so much pain and suffering in such a short time, I knew that he was welcoming his transition and had given up the fight to prolong the inevitable pending death of his physical body.
In contrast to my brother, during the following month (Nov. 2011) a long time friend had a massive “heart attack” the day after Thanksgiving as he was saying good bye to  his children and grandchildren in the yard outside his house as they were beginning to leave to go back home after a glorious family celebration.
At the family’s house after the memorial service,  I found my self remarking to a friend from high school days that he had seemed more like a big brother now than he did the high school chemistry teacher and family dentist that he later became.  He was only 10 years older than me while my biological brother was 6 years older.

 As I look back on it; after I graduated from high school, it was as though “Bud” (not his real name) had become a mentor for me. In some regards, for a period of time, it seemed like I was a mentor for my brother as we shared many life experiences and challenges during the adult years.
As I reflected on my shared life experiences with Bud, I focused on one particular incident which was the seed that I believe led to many dramatic changes in me and my life over the years. This became an incident that can be called “The Butterfly Effect” in my life.  The happening was a day in about 1967 when "Bud" passed on to me a little book from his library. The book was titled The Magic of Believing, by Claude Bristol. I had just finished helping move Bud and his wife from a small apartment into their first house they had purchased shortly after returning from dental college and landing a position as a dentist in another office and practice of an elderly gentleman who was ready to retire as soon as Bud got familiar with all the patients and established a few of his own.
During the couple days of moving and getting set up in the new house (the one where he just made his transition) we discussed the thought processes Bud had employed and put to use in making his decisions to quit teaching high school and return to the university to acquire a degree in Dental Science so that he could return to the area and establish his own business practice after he completed school. We talked about one of Bud’s motivating forces, the ideas in this book, The Magic of Believing published in 1948. I studied this book after Bud gave it to me and have re-read it several times when ever I needed a refresher in my thinking.
A few of the key ideas contained in The Magic of Believing are these:
  • Your subconscious mind will respond to the vibrations of thoughts that are strongest in you.
  • The subconscious mind will accept and carry out whatever it is powerfully instructed to do.
  • It matters little to what ends this process is used for or applied toward, it will be effective in achieving the object of your desire.
  • This process is neutral in value judgments concerning the end results obtained. The choices of actions taken are entirely up to the conscious ego mind of the person deciding.
  • Your beliefs form the events of your life that you experience.
Many years later another book had a similar impact on my life at a time I was going through significant life changes. That book was The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts who published the wisdom she received from an energy essence personality that called him self Seth. As I read that book it was as though someone was in the room speaking the words directly to me. I had heard just such a commanding and certain voice before in a “dream” in the early 70’s; but, that is another longer story.

Some of the key ideas from the “Seth Material” are these (there are many more):
  • You form your beliefs from your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions or desires. These beliefs also form what can be called our world view.
  • You get exactly what you want to get based on your beliefs and you create from nothing the experience that is your own.
  • If you do not like your experience, then look within yourself, examine your beliefs, focus on your habits of thought, and change your life experience by making adjustments. The energy to create any reality comes from the inner self.
  • Dreams are no more hallucinatory than your physical life is. The waking physical self is the “dreamer”, as far as your dreaming self is concerned.
  • All physical reality is first experienced in some fashion in the dream state.
  • If you do not find coherence in the dream state, it is because you have “hypnotized yourselves into believing that none exist.
  • In the sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimensions of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences.
  • Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs also help form your after-death experience.
  • All action should derive out of Loveand taking the course of action that does real harm to no one
  • Each and every individual self is a part of All That Is (God concept).
  • All things in creation have a form of consciousness - right down to the atoms.
  • A soul is not something you have, it is what you are.
  • You are here in physical reality to learn all of the above ….and more.
My mother, whom I never lived with, in her simple wisdom, told me the philosophy in a different way in about 1961. She said “Johnny, you can become any body and any thing you want to become; don’t let any body ever tell you different. I understood her correctly to mean if any body ever tells you differently, don’t internalize it as a belief. Well, I was told just the opposite by more than one “adult” and it was a challenge to not internalize it. But, that was before my mother in her simple wisdom, instilled some degree of confidence in my self. 
In the dream classes I have facilitated, we discussed all of these ideas and the application of our dream wisdom to our everyday lives using a shared group experience. You might call it a “dream circle with extended learning opportunities”.
You can gain insight into the use of your own personal symbols and metaphors as we experience them in our dreams and daily life. The dream symbols and metaphors are a “picture language” that contains coded messages for us. These messages are communicated to our conscious minds via the subconscious when we remember a dream. This process can be enhanced by conscious intention and attention. The dreams may also communicate direct and literal knowledge, wisdom, and practical information to us as we awaken with the memory or through perceived impulses and intuitions during the waking hours throughout the day.
You can also have dreams where deceased relatives or other persons appear to us or communicate to us in the dream state. We may encounter guides who may be strangers at first, our own inner self in disguise or even animal spirit guides and messengers. Nightmares we learn are most often a shocking attempt to get our attention directed toward a critical need in our body or psyche. Sometimes a need to over come fears we hold, grounded in “false beliefs”.
Through our shared experiences we can learn to examine our beliefs about life and death and discard the “false beliefs” that we may have once held that became chains to imprison our consciousness, holding back our personal and spiritual growth, our value fulfillment. We can finally learn to allow for the possibility of a conscious evolution. Since, as Seth said, "all things in creation have a form of consciousness - right down to the atoms", all progression that we call evolution has been driven by consciousness, not random actions of adaptation.
In his book DREAMGATES, Robert Moss shares the following quotes from The Adventures of a Photographer in La Plata by Adolfo Bioy Casares.  “As soon as you die, you’ll find yourself in a dream just as on any other night.” “Even though they bury your body the soul continues living. To prepare us for that life we dream….  They are previews.”
Both Seth and Robert Moss agree. “Just as dreams rehearse us for life challenges, they also rehearse for the conditions of life after life. By encouraging others to work with their dreams, we can help them to walk the path of spirit beyond this lifetime.” – Robert Moss in DREAMGATES: Exploring the worlds of Soul,
Imagination and Life Beyond Death.

Life doesn’t wait for us to segregate all of our thoughts and questions on these important topics of life, death or dreams and put them into neat compartments to ponder when we have time to explore in isolation. Life comes toward us from many directions all at once in each present moment. Our lesson to learn is to be of mind to express gratitude for all our experience. After all - by the law of mutual attraction we are the creators of those events. We project our thoughts and beliefs out into the reality matrix, the collective unconscious and then witness the results as they become coincident with like thoughts and beliefs. Individually and en mass, we continue to create new realities.
If you can accept the responsibility of your life and the role you played in creating it, you can accept your transition to an “unknown reality” some people call death.
John W. Robinson

Symbols in Dreams

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Symbols in Dream Work & Daily Life  

 When you engage in dream work and desire to benefit from the experience, you must acquire an understanding of the symbols that your subconscious uses to communicate the dream meaning to you. A lot of the time in dreams, the symbol that your psyche uses will be representative of feelings that you experienced consciously or unconsciously. The symbol may be a person, animal, inanimate object, a house or any number of things that have a symbolic meaning to you. Your task is to explore your dream and try to decipher what each symbol in the dream may be expressing in the way of a feeling.   

 How do you identify with each symbol in the dream? What feelings have you experienced recently that might be expressed as a dream symbol. What feelings do you associate with each of the dream symbols? Feelings are emotional responses that have been anchored to a thought that is often not in your conscious awareness. Thoughts and the associated feelings are grounded in your beliefs.   

 So in dream work, it is highly important that you understand that just as your beliefs desires and intentions help create your physical reality, so do these help create your dream experience. A belief in evil or hatred as an “ideal” will return to you in you physical life or dream time, events that support your belief. What you project out into the universal collective consciousness, is returned to you.   

 I read recently a response from someone on Facebook, where they said “I hate both political candidates”.  I thought to myself; that is a very strong statement arising out of deep feelings and emotion. Always finding a valid response in the Seth material, I pulled the following from Seth’s comments that address the idea of hate. I may disagree with a candidate’s choice of options to create an environment that allows value fulfillment for individuals while at the same time creating an environment that contains a common good for all; but, I do not feel hatred for any one. 

A Treatise on Hate – A Synopsis of Ideas from Seth  

 “You will be bound to those you love and those you hate. Anyone who hates an evil merely creates another one. Hate narrows your perception. It is a dark glass that shadows all of your experience. You will find more and more to hate, and bring the hated elements into your own experience.  

 A generation that hates war will not bring peace. A generation that loves peace will bring peace. A person that literally hates another immediately sets themselves up in this fashion: They prejudge the nature of reality according to their own limited understanding. The results of hate can be disastrous. The person who hates always believes themselves to be justified. Hate is powerful if you believe in it.” – 
Spoken by Seth, from Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts.   

 “In its natural state, hatred has a powerful rousing characteristic that initiates change and action. Hatred brings a sense of power and initiatescommunication and action. Love and hate are both based upon self-identification in your experience. You do not bother to love or hate persons you cannot identify with at all. They leave you relatively untouched. They do not elicit deep emotion.  

Hatred always involves a painful sense of separation from love, which may be idealized. A person you feel strongly against at any given time upsets you because he or she does not live up to your expectations. A person from whom you expect nothing will never earn your bitterness.   

Trusted, your feelings will lead you to psychological and spiritual states of mystic understanding, calm, and peacefulness. Followed, your emotions will lead you to deep understandings, but you cannot have a physical self without emotions any more than you can have a day without weather.   

It is possible to love your fellow human beings on a grand scale, while at times hating them precisely because they so often seem to fall short of that love. When you rage against humanity, it is because you love it. To deny the existence of hate then is to deny love. In their way, the hateful or revengeful thoughts are natural therapeutic devices, for if you follow them, accepting them with their own validity as feelings, they will automatically lead you beyond themselves; they will change into other feelings, carrying you from hatred into what may seem to be the quick sands of fear – which is always behind hatred.   

Fear, faced and felt with its bodily sensations and the thoughts that go along with it, will automatically bring about its own state of resolution. The conscious system of beliefs behind the impediment will be illuminated, and you will realize that you feel a certain way because you believe an idea that causes and justifies such a reaction. In every case the answer lies in your personal system of beliefs, in those strong concepts you hold on an intimate level that brought about the inhibitions (inhibited fears) to begin with.” – 
Spoken by Seth, from The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts.  

In a future post, I will have more to say about symbols and limiting beliefs that affect ours dreams. 

John. W. Robinson