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Are You Traveling In Your Dreams?

Posted on October 20, 2016 at 2:52 PM Comments comments (49)

Are You Traveling In Your Dreams?

© John W. Robinson, Dream Awareness Network, October 20, 2016

At some time in your life, you may have heard of various topics related to traveling out-of-body in a “dream body”. Such topics as astral travel, astral projection, projection of consciousness, out-of-body-experiences; or maybe some other term used by the ancient explorers of the night has been discussed in your presence.

If we are to attain full Dream Awareness, we cannot ignore these experiences reported by countless dreamers throughout the ages.  This is the subject of this 3 blog in the series dealing with the various types of dreams. And, if we are to attain full Dream Awareness potential, we too must eventually receive the revelations for ourselves that come with this experience.

There have been many documented reports in books by serious dream researchers that provide insight into the experience; but nothing can replace the experiential learning and awareness that one receives first hand after awaking from a night where this type of exploration was personally experienced.

There may also be a validated report from a trusted source that reports they have visited us as we were in waking reality, while the other person was in fact traveling in their “dream body”. This latter experience is what I am sharing with you today.

 What I am sharing came out of a small group of 5 (including self) individuals attending a Dream-Work session at my house in May of this year (2016). Names have been changed for privacy reasons.  Relax and be ready to be amazed if you have never considered these experiences possible. As you will learn, this report will also include a great deal more important topics to be discussed in future posts.

The following was shared with the group by Jay, regarding a dream that his father had involving Jay. This is what Jay reported:

“Upon graduating from high school at the age of 18, I began to question my life purpose and my own existence on this planet. Having to move out of the home for the first time to attend the University of Florida fueled these questions as it seemed I would have to make some life decisions in the coming months. I would have to choose an academic major and career path which was problematic as it wasn't clear to me what my true passion or interests were, especially one where I would dedicate the rest of my life to.

“I truly felt then as I do now, that my potential as a human being was much greater than any professional path offered through the traditional school system. There had to be more in life for me, but it's important to note that these feelings and thoughts were kept completely private. I did not risk disclosing this information to anyone as I did not want to disappoint my parents by revealing my lack of enthusiasm to commit to a traditional professional career, nor my friends as I didn't think anyone would understand.  

“In the first semester at UF, I could not suppress these questions and I secretly decided to seek third party advice because I didn't have anyone to turn to. For a few nights, alone in my dorm room, I researched psychic readers and read hundreds of testimonials and reviews. From stories I've heard and other life experiences, I believed then that they would be able to give me the answers about my life purpose I so desperately wanted to hear. “I picked a psychic and decided I would go see one when I was back home in Orlando, but noappointments or any record of this decision existed 

“Upon return home that Friday night, my dad and I were catching up and watching TV in our living room. During a commercial break he told me that he had a really strange dream that week and that only I would be able to tell him if it was true or not. He started off by describing my dorm room (which he's never been in at this point) including how the furniture was placed and stated that in this dream he was behind me looking at me research on my laptop at my desk. I verified that his description was accurate.  

“He then stated that while he watched me, a voice suddenly spoke to him but there was no one else in the room but me. This voice was a happy voice with a laughable tone. The voice told my father that “your son is trying to figure out his purpose on Earth. He wants to know why he is here and what he is doing with his life. He's looking at psychics to visit to give him this information.” My father, not believing this was true, grew angry and yelled at the voice, "This cannot be true. I know my son and he has no interest in such things."  

“The voice laughed and said “if you do not believe me, just ask your son, but tell him if he is interested in the future do not go see these psychics. If he truly wants to know his purpose he needs to see (as my father described) a very old sage.”  

“When my father was done replaying his dream, I couldn't help but smile at him and confirm that it was 100% entirely accurate.  He was in shock and asked me several questions out of disbelief that I would consider seeing a psychic and out of sadness that I didn't disclose this information to him.  

“This dream took place 6 years ago and I've tried to interpret it in many ways but several things were clear to me. One, there was someone looking out for me and in many ways I felt comforted that I was never alone even when I thought I was. Two, my dad was used as a vessel to communicate a message to me that I wasn't open to receiving myself. Three, knowing my fate or the wrong fate from a potentially gifted psychic could have changed what was meant to be as I was not ready to receive such information and this being was comfortable with me not immediately knowing it. This experience allowed me to be comfortable in not knowing or having preconceived frameworks about the future. I never went to see a psychic after this moment or looked for an "old sage" but I'll welcome that moment if I do cross paths with one.”  

As you can imagine, the discussions we all engaged in that night were very stimulating and thought provoking; not the usual superficial talk about sports, Hollywood, eating out experiences, complaining about the government or story-telling, that sometimes dominate the discussions when friends get together.  

I shared a few dreams of mine related to my consciousness being out-of-the-body and the others shared big impact dreams from their personal dream time experience. I also shared ideas about some of the other areas I had been studying related to the “unknown reality” that too few of us explore. My input included a very brief synopsis of the Seth material and recommendation for follow up reading. Before we knew it, the time was late and we decided to break off the dream sharing for the night since Jay and his friend had to drive back to Tampa and the effect of the wine was making me very relaxed. 

 After asking for permission to include Jay’s experience in a future article I intended to write for my web site blog page, I told Jay I would follow up with him when I was ready to write about that specific topic. I was working on a list of previously selected topics that I want to finish first. I knew that this experience Jay shared might be one of those times where action after the dream would lead to potentially dramatic changes in the relationship between Jay and his father.  As you will see, I was correct, dramatic changes did take place. 

As part of what I shared with Jay later, were these following excerpts from the Seth material. They are taken from an article I am working on discussing what Seth referred to as the Inner Senses; abilities that to most people would be considered psychic, that we all innately have, and that can be developed to a large extent while still in physical reality. Experiential awareness of the power of the dream world is included. The Seth material location references are included in the forth coming article. In the words of an “old sage”, Seth……….. 

In order to explore this unknown reality, you must have a basic approval of yourself. You must trust your basic being, with its characteristics and abilities. You have your characteristics and abilities for a reason, in all of their unique combinations.

“The concepts you will come to understand in exploring the unknown reality will help expand your consciousness, and the work itself will automatically pull your awareness out of usual grooves, so that it bounces back and forth between the standardized versions of the world you accept, and the unofficial versions that are sensed but generally unknown to you.

“A clear understanding or effective exploration of the unknown reality can be achieved only when you are able to leave behind the many “facts” that you have accepted as criteria of experience. You will learn that your intellectual and your intuitional abilities will be blended together and work together so that they almost seem to form a new faculty. The immensities of your own abilities speak to you in your dreams. You use your inner senses when you are in the dream state, and ignore them when you are waking.”

“The inner senses are equipped to perceive data that is not physical. They are not deceived by the images that you project in three dimensional realities. They can perceive physical objects. Your physical senses are extensions of these inner methods of perception, and after death it is upon these that you will rely. They are used in out-of-body experiences. They operate constantly beneath normal waking consciousness…so that you can even become familiar with the nature of perception after death, now.”

“The goals of each of you differ. Some of you are embarked upon adventures that deal with intimate family contact, deep personal involvement with children, or with other careers that meet “vertically” with physical experience. For you, journeys into unknown realities may be highly intriguing, and represent important sidelights to your current preoccupations. This interest will be like an avocation to you, adding great understanding and depth to your experience.

“Each person is at his or her place. You are where you are because your consciousness formed that kind of reality. Your whole physical situation will be geared to it, and your neurological structure will follow the habitual pattern. As you learn to throw aside old concepts you will begin to experience the evidence for other levels of reality, and become aware of other “messages” that you have previously blocked.

“Your consciousness must learn to organize itself in more than one fashion – or rather, you must be willingtoallowyour consciousness to use itself more fully. It is not necessarily a matter of trying to ignore the contents of the world, or to deny your physical perception. Instead, the trick is to view the contents of the world in different fashions, to free your physical senses from the restraints that your mental conventions have placed on them.

“In order to begin, you must first become familiar with the workings of your own consciousness as it is directed toward the physical world. You cannot know when you are in focus with another reality if you do not even realize what it feels like to be in full focus with your own. However, when you go traveling off into other systems you cannot depend upon your habits. Often, they can only add to your mental clutter, turning into “static” – so you must learn first of all what a clear focus is.

“You will not learn by trying to escape your own reality, or by attempting to dull your senses. This can only teach you what it means not to focus, and in whatever reality you visit, the ability to focus clearly and well is a prerequisite. Once you learn how to really tune in, then you will understand what it means to change the direction of your focus.” 

After a few months, when I was ready to include Jay’s story on my web site blog, I communicated with Jay via e mail and asked about the deeper sharing that I suspected was taking place with his father. By this time, Jay had decided on a beginning career path and was relocated to Colorado and attending medical school. The location made the change easy since Jay was thrilled to be in ski country. I discovered that Jay’s father was an Engineer by degree and training and was currently working in the real estate field.  

Jay answered the questions I had and shared another fantastic dream related experience between he and his father. Sit back and open your mind a little further and suspend disbelief in versions of reality that you may have not previously accepted. Again, this is the response I received back from Jay……. 

So after that experience with my farther I shared in May, it really sparked a journey for me as it made me question a lot. So naturally I started asking him and his older brother about significant dreams. They both have had dreams where they dreamt about a former life with people who play different roles in this life. They didn’t share this with me on their own.  

“My father had another dream that year very similar to the first in that from a dream traveling experience he was watching my brother walk down a road drunkenly in the middle of the night.Dad was 100 miles away in Orlando and called me in the middle of the night feeling that my brother was endangered and asked me to check up on him. My brother and I both were living in Gainesville, FL at the  time. I did follow up immediately, going to where my dad suggested, checking on my brother. I was again astounded that my father had received this information from the dream state.   My brother was indeed several miles out of town walking lost, drunkenly in the night.  

“My father and I definitely discussed our views of reality more frequently after his dream about me on a regular basis. I asked a lot of questions about his dreams and how he distinguished them.  He described dreams about his past lives and dreams about my brother and me.  They were all dreams that he felt were so real that they were unmistakable and very different than other dreams.  

“As I went down a more spiritual path we talked about different philosophies and seemingly paranormal activities. Last year before applying to medical school there was one night where we both had a dream. He told that in his dream he saw my future and my wife. He told me that I was going to medical school in a cold place and there was an older girl who I ended up marrying. He said he saw my wedding and my children and anticipated future struggles with my wife and me both being doctors and trying to manage a family 

“I thought that he might be making this up to fit his vision for me. My father really did not want me to leave Florida for medical school, but was adamant that he was not making it up. After that, I told him about my dream that night. It was short but very emotional because I woke up feeling very confused about what was real and what wasn’t. 

“In my dream I was walking up a wooden flight of stairs in a different house to a girl in what was our bedroom. I don’t remember her face, it’s like it was blurred out, but I remember that I loved her a lot; so much that I could feel butterflies in my chest. All I could remember for sure was her long wavy black hair. My dad described my wife as having the same features. I can’t verify this story but I thought it was a strange dream and the fact that it happened on the same night as my dad’s does raise an eyebrow or two.   

“I’ve had no other big dreams other than daily dreams I generally make sense of. I know that I am meant to be out here as life is falling into place for me here, so I’m sure I will have a journey with some good stories to share with you at some point in the future. I wish you the best John, Jay”   

Well, if you can suspend disbelief about other views of reality than the conventional one you have been taught, you can open up a whole new world of exploration for you. It is there waiting for you to agree to the journey and to give yourself permission to take the steps necessary. If you read all of the material on my website and in the various blog postings (25 with this one) you might possibly be inspired to take the first step.  

I think what I have written about here is self explanatory as far as the dreams of Jay’s father is concerned. There were many other ideas and concepts mentioned that may be new to you. At some point in other articles/blogs these will also be written about and discussed. In the future I will share my own story about a “Voice” in one of my past dreams; for it resulted in me doing what I do. 

I will leave you with some more thoughts from the Seth material on dreams and dreaming. From: The Nature of the Psyche, by Jane Roberts – Session 787. In Seth’s words…….. 

“….There is obvious differences between what you think of as waking and dream events. You differentiate definitely between the two, making great efforts to see that they are neatly divided. In your world, conventional and practical sanity and physical manipulation are dependent upon your ability to discriminate, accepting as real only those events with which others more or less agree.  

“These so-called real events, however, have changed radically through the ages. “Once” the gods walked the earth, and waged battles in the skies and seas. People who believed such things were considered sane – and were sane, for the accepted framework of events was far different from your own. In historic terms the changing nature of accepted events provides more than, say, a history of civilization, but mirrors the ever-creative nature of the psyche. 

“All of the elements of physical experience at any given time are present in the dream state. Practically speaking, however, the species accepts certain portions of dream reality as its so-called real events at any particular time, and about those specialized events it forms its “current” civilization.  

“Historically speaking, early men dreamed of airplanes and rocket ships. For that matter, their natural television operated better in some ways than your technological version, for their mental images allowed them to perceive events in neighboring areas or in other portions of the world. They could not simply press a button to bring this about, however. The psychic and biological mechanisms were there, permitting the species to know, particularly in times of stress or danger, what normally unperceived events might threaten survival.  

“But in the dream state, then as now, all such issues were contemporary, acting as models from which the species then chose the practical events that formed its physical experience. To that extent, a study of the dream state gives you some important insights as to the nature of the psyche. The dream also serves as a drama of interweaving probabilities, a springboard from which events emerge in all directions. Each aspect of a dream, while having some personal meaning, is also your version of a symbol that stands for a corresponding kind of event, but in a different level of reality entirely. “…. 

And on that note, I will bring this discussion to a close even though the dreams discussed here are rich with other important ideas that will be written about in the future.  If you want to learn more about what has been discussed here regarding your consciousness traveling from the dream state, read books by the following authors: Oliver Fox, Robert Monroe, and William Buhlman. Also Robert Moss’s writing about Harriet Tubman in his book The Secret History of Dreaming, Dreamways of the Iroquois, by Robert Moss, several places in the Seth material by Jane Roberts, and Rick Stack’s book Out-Of-Body Adventures, Have an Out-of-Body Experience in 30 Days, by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub to name a few.

Study, intention, suspension of disbelief and faithful dream journaling will help you have the experience yourself. At another time, I will discuss consciousness traveling from the waking state also, as in remote viewing from waking consciousness.  Until next time, I hope you experience creative and mind expanding dreams. 


If you have read this post completely to this point, I would be surprised if you are not in some way motivated to start your journey toward richer and deeper dream experiences. There were many important topics brought up in these dream reports that I will cover in future posts. These dreams were incredible in their own right, being examples of how our dreaming consciousness can travel through time and space while our physical body is maintained by our body consciousness. Unknown to most people, this likely takes place every night without us having any waking awareness of it the next morning.  

The dreams are also examples of the beneficial, concerned, empathetic psychic connections between parents and children. This type of psychic connection can exist between a dreamer and a non family member as well. Or, it can exist between the dreamer’s “higher self”, or soul, and the dreamer’s consciousness that is carried over to the waking state.  

Pertinent to the dreams discussed here, I will share another credible dream with psychic dimensions. In the past, a friend told me about their grandmother waking from a dream about a family member being in danger, with their house on fire. Upon awaking the grandmother immediately called the relative, waking them up, to tell them of the danger – And Grandmother was correct; the relative escaped to safety. 

You may have missed a very important fact that is inherent in these examples shared with me by Jay. That is the fact that far too many people of all walks of life are reluctant to share their deepest levels of beliefs and experiences, especially dream experiences, with other family members, close friends, or acquaintances.  

This intentional sharing in a group of individuals taking part in a Dreamwork group, or what you might call a Dream Circle is slowly becoming more popular, albeit only on a small scale so far.  This was a very common practice with most all indigenous cultures. It is a practice that was brainwashed out of us by Western culture’s religions, education systems and institutions over the past 2000 years or so. The brainwashing continues today.

By sharing at the deepest levels our dream beliefs and experiences, people can be brought together with great understanding of each other and knowledge of the inherent commonalities that we all share. This always brings people closer together.  

Imagine if this dream sharing activity could be increased on a large scale, even on an international scale, between leaders in all significant institutions that publicize, and propagandize worldviews to the masses. Image the understanding that would be fostered. It would soon become a part of the awareness at a conscious level that wars are not the best solution to the untold misunderstandings existing between people of differing backgrounds with differing worldviews and beliefs; too often limiting or false beliefs.  

Each of you who read this can do your part by resolving to begin keeping a personal dream journal and initiate the activity of meeting regularly with a small group of friends with the purpose of dream study. There is an almost unlimited amount of material on the internet and books that can give you an intellectual understanding of the dream world of others, but this is not a replacement for experiential learning that takes place when you take part in a group with a qualified facilitator that can help you.  

My personal journey, through experiential learning and experimentation, attracted to me the knowledge needed and the wisdom of many great teachers through their writings. To name only a few: Patricia Garfield, Gayle Delaney, Jeremy Taylor, Ann Faraday, Jane Roberts (Seth), Robert Moss, Edgar Cayce, Fritz Perls, Carl Jung, Harold Sherman, Henry Reed, Robert Vander Castle, Stanley Krippner, Montague Ullman, Upton Sinclair, Ken Keyes, Joseph Murphy, Richard Bach, JB Rhine, William James, Robert Waggoner, Ramon Stevens (Alexander), Napoleon Hill, Brian Weiss, Serge King, George Leonard, Deepak Chopra, Neal Donald Walsh, John Bradshaw, Paul Pearsall, Ingo Swann, Joseph Mc Moneagle, and of course, others not mentioned here.  

Since it is reported by many great teachers that all of the probable events that end up in physical reality are first presented and rehearsed in the dream state, an understanding of how physical reality experience is created will be a byproduct. But, you must learn to recognize and understand your own personal dream symbols and metaphors. Most often the answers will not be found in a dream symbol dictionary. Not all dreams are as direct in their messaging as the dreams reported by Jay. His dad’s awareness and the level of his consciousness development are obviously in the advanced stage of a mature soul.

© John W. Robinson, Dream Awareness Network, October 16, 2016