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Affirmations for 2017

Posted on January 3, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (106)
Affirmations for the New Year 2017

It’s the beginning of a new year and a time when some people focus on new resolutions.  They usually involve what they perceive as positive changes they desire in their life, problems they wish to solve, “bad” habits to break, or a statement of new goals they hope to attain. To support the resolutions, it can be helpful to use affirmations that are focused on for just a few minutes at a time daily or weekly throughout the period involved, usually for the coming year.

The affirmations and resolutions can help to program the subconscious mind by modifying consciously held beliefs that are limiting and acting as an obstacle to the fulfillment of desires and expectations stated.

  The following article on affirmations is a summary of the ideas presented in the book The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts.

 I have taken the liberty to rearrange the order in which some of the original text appears for the purpose of clarity and continuity, eliminating other statements on equally important ideas. A complete discussion of the original text can be obtained by reading in full Sessions 669 and Sessions 672 through 677 in the book.

Session numbers are used in place of page numbers due to the many editions by various publishers over the years.

Although the original publication date of the title was 1974, one would be hard pressed to find any better discussion on the topic of affirmations. This discussion differs from many others in that it incorporates ideas from a worldview that may not be considered “conventional” or “mainstream”. It is drawn from a worldview that presents a very workable and exciting view of reality and how its events are formed.

Even as you read, if you feel skeptical about the ideas presented, I ask that you momentarily suspend your disbeliefs that may surface and at least try to absorb the meaning that is being communicated and the power that you have that is being sated.

It may only be unconsciously held fears that are preventing you from obtaining your stated resolutions. Fears that are rooted in core beliefs that lead to dysfunctional and limiting behaviors can be overcome. These affirmations are here to help in that process.

May all your expectations come true and may all your expectations be the best ones for you and all concerned that may be helpful in your journey. Intentional accomplishments that are at someone else’s expense are never the best ones for you.

I hope you have a very fulfilling 2017 and beyond.

 [The text below in quotes is taken from the book by Jane Roberts:
The Nature of PersonalReality, Sessions 669, 672 – 677.The order of occurrence has been changed in some instances.]


“Affirmation means the loving acceptance of your own unique individuality. It may involve denial, where you refuse to accept the visions or dogmas of others in order to more clearly perceive and form your own visions.

Affirmation means accepting your soul as it appears in your creature-hood. You cannot deny your creature-hood without denying your soul. You cannot deny your soul without denying your creature-hood. Your core of being is as a soul in chemical clothes.

 Such affirmation will lead you to your own inner discoveries, and attract from the deepest portions of your being the particular kind of information, experience, or perception that you need.

You as a soul are above all, a fountain of energy, creativity, and action that shows its characteristics in life precisely through your ever changing emotions. You cannot have a physical self without emotions anymore than you can have a day without weather. Emotions follow beliefs. The loving acceptance of your self will allow you to ride through beliefs as you would through the changing characteristics of countryside. The more a belief encourages you to use your abilities and vitality, then the more affirmative it is.

Physical reality springs from your imagination, which follows the path of your beliefs.

 Emotions are natural ever-changing states of feelings, each leading into another in a free flow of energy and activity- colorful, rich, glowing tints that bring variety to the quality of consciousness. To refuse emotions is futile. They are one of the means by which physically attuned consciousness knows itself. Emotions are not destructive. One emotion is not good and another one evil. Emotions simply are.

 Emotions are elements of the power of consciousness filled with energy. You cannot affirm one emotion and deny another without setting up barriers. You may have tried to hide what you think of as negative feelings in the closet of your mind because you do not trust aspects of your individuality in flesh.

Dogmas or systems of thought that tell you to rise above your emotions can be misleading – even somewhat dangerous. Trusted, your feelings will lead you to psychological and spiritual states of mystic understanding, calm, and peacefulness. Followed, your emotions will lead you to deep understandings.

The normal intellect, oriented so precisely by beliefs to the inevitability of a one-focused kind of perception, is limited. Your brain insures your bodily survival and follows your conscious beliefs about reality. There is always a harmonious unifying connection between your beliefs and your activities.

 A certain kind of affirmation of self allows the brain to tune into these more spacious methods of perception that are the natural characteristics of the mind. The kind of affirmation involved is one of transcendence, in which for a time you affirm your reality in flesh and at the same time state your independence from it – and realize that both of these conditions exists simultaneously. A dual perception takes place in which the spacious mind is activated. By “activated” I mean that you are suddenly aware of the spacious mind’s existence.

 You will not use your spacious mind until you affirm its reality within yourself, and until you are ready to handle the additional data which will then become consciously available to one extent, or another. The spacious mind represents latent abilities of consciousness that can be more or less normal functions. Just as your muscles become more resilient with use, psychic abilities and intuitive powers do also.

Affirmation always involves the acknowledgement of your power in the present. Denial is the surrendering of your power in the present. Affirmation then is the acquiescence to your ability, as a spirit in flesh, to form the physical reality of your creature-hood. Your intent, images, desires and determination form a psychic force that is projected out ahead of you. You send the reality of yourself from your present into what you think of as the future.

Affirmation does not mean sitting back and saying, “I can do nothing, it’s all in fates hands, therefore whatever happens, happens.” Affirmation is based upon the realization that no other consciousness is the same as your own, that your abilities are yours and like no others.

 Affirmation means saying “yes” to yourself and to the life you lead, and to accepting your own unique person-hood. That affirmation means that you declare your individuality. Affirmation means that you embrace the life that is yours and flows through you. Your affirmation of yourself is one of your greatest strengths.

Affirmation does not mean a bland wishy-washy acceptance of anything that comes your way, regardless of your feelings about it. You do not have to say “yes” to people, issues, or to events with which you are deeply disturbed. You can affirm your uniqueness quite properly at times by saying “no”. Individuality grants you the right of making decisions. This may mean sometimes saying “yes” or “no”.  Affirmation means acceptance of your own miraculous complexity. It means saying “yes” to you own being.

Affirmation means acquiescing to your reality as a spirit in flesh. Within the framework of your own complexity, you have the right to say “no” to certain situations, to express your desires, to communicate your feelings. Affirmation is the acceptance of your individuality in flesh. It is a spiritual, psychic, and biological necessity, and represents your appreciation of your singular integrity.

Biologically, affirmation means health. It means you go along with your life, understanding that you create or form your own experience, emphasizing your ability to do so. Affirmation is the acceptance of yourself in your present as the person that you are. Within that acceptance you may find qualities that you wish you did not have or habits that annoy you.

Simply knowing that you form, or create your own reality can free you from some limiting concepts that have held you back in the past. This conscious knowledge alone will trigger intuitional responses within the inner self, so that you will receive helpful information through dreams, impulses, and ordinary thought patterns.

The dream world operates as a creative situation in which probable acts are instantly materialized; laid out in actual or symbolic form. When you ask others to interpret your dreams you are automatically putting the fulfillment of your own potentials a step away.

When you ask another to tell you the direction of your life, then to some extent you keep from yourself the realization that you yourself possess it.

If you affirm the basic grace of your being, then this will automatically weaken the beliefs that you have that are contrary to the principle that you create your reality.

When you affirm your own rightness in the universe, then you cooperate with others easily and automatically as a part of your own nature. You, being yourself, help others be themselves. Because you recognize your own uniqueness you will not need to dominate others, nor cringe before them. You will not be jealous of the talents you do not possess, and so you can open-heartily encourage them in others. You will begin to trust yourself. You must begin to trust yourself sometime – I suggest you do it now.

The Point of Power is in the PresentSeth

You must not expect to be “perfect”. Your ideas of perfection mean a state of fulfillment beyond which there is no future growth, and no such state exists. Perfection is not being, for all being is a state of becoming. This does not mean that all being is in a state of becoming perfect, but in a state of becoming more of itself.

You are a multidimensional personality. Trust the miracle of your own being. Make no divisions between the physical and the spiritual in your lifetimes, for the spiritual speaks with a physical voice and the corporeal body is the creation of the spirit. You cannot fear your own being and expect to travel through it, to explore it, to explore its dimensions. First you must take the simple step of affirming your identity. That affirmation will release those attributes that you have and open up new avenues of experience.

Do not place the words of any guru, minister, priest, scientist, psychologist, friend – or my words – higher than the feelings of your own being. You can learn much from others, but the deepest knowledge must come from within yourself.

Trust no person who tells you that you are evil or guilty by reason of your nature or your physical existence, or any such dogma. Trust no one who leads you away from the reality of yourself. Do not follow those that tell you that you must do penance, in whatever form. Trust instead the spontaneity of your own being and the life that is your own.

If you do not like where you are, then examine those beliefs that you have. Bring them out into the open; there is nothing within you to fear. Tell yourself this often:

“My Life Is Mine, and I Form It”

Create your life now, using your beliefs as an artist uses color. You create your life through the inner power of your being, whose source is within you and yet beyond the self that you know.  Use those creative abilities with understanding abandon.”